essCert Supports Exporters And Their Export Documentation Needs

Apply Online For Your Export Document Needs

essCert provides electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) and other document certification solutions to Exporters & Traders around the world. We are a trusted solution provider to some of the largest exporting companies in Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, North & South America, Africa and Oceania.

Key System Benefits for Exporters:

  • Significantly reduce document certification time
  • Eliminate courier/mail costs
  • Significantly reduce data re-entry
  • Significantly reduce submission errors and incorrect declarations
  • Significantly reduce risk of liability & fraud
  • Receive real-time notifications regarding certificate acceptance or rejection
  • Slash shipment delays
  • Industry standard, designed to work for all types of electronic submissions

Apply Online for Certificate of Origin

  • No Travel
  • No Courier
  • No Mail/Post applications to Chamber required

Pay as you go

  • No upfront charges
  • Simply pay as you use
  • No software installation required


  • Documents certified & returned in minutes rather than days
  • Avoid numerous trips to the chamber
  • Users can quickly copy, edit & resubmit previous applications & rejections online
  • User-friendly system informs exporter of the next steps for a successful application
  • No training needed

Intelligent System

  • Breakdown of costs for export document in advance of application

Reduced Shipment Delays

  • Documents created, submitted and reviewed by the chamber means your application takes hours rather than days

Reduced Operational Costs

  • Completely remove courier/postal costs associated with manual submissions, as all applications are created, edited, submitted and approved online
  • Improves transport costing practices
  • Reduce costs associated with human error as applications are editable online

User-Friendly Interface

  • Our online export document application designs match the look and feel of the original paper-based documents ensuring a smooth transition to online use

Free Support

  • Free user support available to exporters by telephone or email
  • 9am to 5pm telephone support
  • 9am to 9pm email support
  • Online video-tutorials available

Tried and Tested Solution

  • essCert is being used by some of the world’s largest export companies operating across a variety of industries and territories
We here at P&G are known for our great customer response, so using essCert to get the Certificates of Origin within a couple of hours is a huge help.Aaron Gleeson - P&G
The essCert system is extremely beneficial to us as previously someone from the office had to physically drive to Ballina, complete the details in the Chamber offices and wait for approval before returning to the office with the paperwork. The essCert service has simplified the process and in removing the necessity to travel to Ballina it means that person is in the office focused on activities generating value for PEL Waste Reduction Equipment.Kevin O’Malley, Sales & Marketing Manager - PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

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